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investigation. good evening everyone. >> we start with that breaking news tonight. the petraeus sex scandal now involves the current top general in afghanistan. secretary of defenseley on panetta ordered the investigation of general john allen. fbi found inappropriate communication between allen and jill kelly. pentagon would not disclose what they say. now kelly is the woman who received the threatening e-mails from general david petraeus's mistress. the mistress also being investigated. fbi wants to determine whether paula broadwell is in possession of any sensitive information. investigators searched her home in florida this evening and theory moving documents and video. confiscated several bi bins of evidence. petraeus started an affair with broadwell when head of the cia. he resigned on friday. broadwell was im bedd with him in afghanistan while working on his biography. he claims any confidential information she obtained was no the from him and must have come from another commander. broadwell has
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agreed to cooperate fully with the fbi. now the fbi found out about the affair from jill kelly. here she is leaving her home in north carolina today. she contacted the fbi because pull a broadwell warned her to stay away from general petraeus threatening e-mails. knew him from having parties in florida. information was found about the petraeus broadwell affair. however, "wall street journal"reports the fbi removed the agent from the investigation because he became obsessed with jill kelly. apparently even sending her a shirtless picture of himself. whether any realizeship is not mostly clear at this point. >> his name is synonymous with anti-virus software but tech pioneer mcphee is wanted for murder of his neighbor in belize. we are live in san francisco with more on the bizarre tale. cornell? >>reporter: the it sounds like a movie but tonight police in belize searching for mcphee who
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says he's innocent of murder. wired magazine says it talked to john mcphee who says he's in the but hiding from police in belize buried somewhere in the sand. cardboard box over his head to breathe. he claims police will kill him if he's found if. >> i am a 66-year-old man who would never expect 42 armed soldiers and police to storm into his property in riot fwishtion this is him talking about his arrest last spring in pe leases on charges of drug making and possession of unlicensed guns. >> i have never had the an incounter with a police on any negative level. >>reporter: the charges would late be dropped. he threatened to sue l them. now the 67-year-old anti-virus software pioneer wanted for the murder of his neighbor gregory fall found shot and killed saturday nature at his island hole. both men had ongoing dispute. fall told authorities about his
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bizarre behavior and gun fires. jeff has interviewed him many times and says he retreated from society becoming -- becoming eccentric and known gangster. >> mcphee had taken himself to very dark place. very estranged from the people who care about him. estranged from society. >>reporter: he made donations of guns and pepper spray to local police in believe. former fbi agent calls the donation suspicious. >> a little sues pir us depends on when made and relationship with the police department. looks like l way to buy them off. but something like this on murder case is tough to buy off an investigation. >>reporter: mcphee not affiliated with the company he founded since 1994. tonight santa clara base company has no comment about the murder investigation. live in san francisco tonight, the abc 7
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news. >> thanks a lot. tonight family of bay area marine trying to understand why he was shot and killed by police. of centers palm springs insist they had no choice but to open fire killing 22-year-old corporal allen of san jose early saturday morning. lillian is in the newsroom with latest on the story. >> allen was stationed in twentynine palms about an hour away from palm springs where he and his friends went out friday night. evening took a tragic turn. during 4 years with the marine corporal allen was sent over seas including a deployment to afghanistan. which is why his sudden death over the weekend makes it so hard to process for those who knew him. corral lives across the street in san jose. he served his country and then he comes him and gets shot over here. very unfortunate. >>reporter: he was shot and killed by palm springs police in a parking garage early saturday morning. police say he and his friend began yelling
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derogatory xhentsd to 2 officers on bike patrol. the of the zeros instructed him to turn off the car but he refused which prompted one of the officers to claim through his passenger side window. police say that's when he began stepping on the gas. >> suspect accelerated directly towards the second officer striking him and continued on with the initial officer suspended from the passenger side window. >>reporter: police say the officer feared for their lives and began shooting there. he was pronounced shortly dead after. as they were investigate the scene it became clear that had he just stolen someone i-phone and wallet. >> investigators at the scene began hearing the victim stolen phone ringing in the suspect vehicle and recovered it. >>reporter: corral says the the woman he knew was split and friendly. he wondered if the behavior was result of any emotional hardship he may have endured over seas. >> they come back and some have
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a hard time coping in society. >>reporter: as for the officers based and treated and currently on add might have leave as the department conducts the investigation. thank you. mother of preschool student in people lump is argumenting your child teacher stealing their wallet. martin faces at least 10 felony charges including burglary forgery and passing stolen checks. 2 teachers at star preschool noticed the wallet and money missing from the purse that is they left inside their classroom. police say martin has admitted to the crimes. >> new at 11:00. authorities not sure what caused deadly crash at marin county reservoi reservoir. then crashed through a guard rail and sunk 15 feet into the reservoir. rescue crew pulled him saich but couldn't find anyone else
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in the water. >> 2 people hit by car during one in open again. lawyers for lance and margaret say at this time has been a year since the incident and police not taken any action. cell phone video shows him hitting so and halfen dear. both are still in therapy. if somebody hits somebody they go to jail. so what was bit this situation that was so different. >> confusing. depressing. disturbing. >>reporter: police around the driver to the attorneys say they heard nothing from police it's bart or oakland police are commenting on the lawsuit. >> 7 news was first to report this story. port of oakland executive director has stepped down in the midst of a stripped
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club scandal. gentleman mile an hour gave resignation and accepts responsibility for actions was on leave following investigation that is one of the top aide spent 4500 dollars in public money at houston strip club. recently revealed that benjamin was those at the club. >> moving on for a moment. weekend of cool weather we are due for some warming. spencer is here with a look at what's on radar. >> look at cloud in the sky. clouds offshore northwest. they are moving inland a little bit tonight but don't expect rain from the clouds and currently we are lacking at temperature readings that dropped in the low 40's some locations already. fairfield 41. 43 santa rosa and livermore gives you a conclude to cooling that will get overnight before the run up tomorrow. look at the 7 day forecast and look at some rain
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headed our way later in the week. >> thanks see you shortly. >> thanksgiving just week and a half away and food banks struggle to make the need. many are pleading for help. we have the story from the food bank in san jose. >>reporter: problem is the large food bank don't have enough turkey so they captain supply the charityable organizations would cook the meal. >> this is where we are starting to stock file everything that we need. >>reporter: just 9 days before thanksgiving and the pantry practically bare. >> see why i'm not sleep well. >> organize plans to put on largest thanksgiving day dinner the east bay. they plan to feed 5000 people in need which means they need more turkey because this is all they have right now. >> that's it. and i need 320
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to. >> another shelter pantry an khairingtable organization also reporting shortage because food bank that supply them are coming up short. like the second harvest food bank of santa clara county. this massive warehouse serves 750 charitable organizations. now inside the giant freezer they are storing 6000 turkey. that sounds like a lot. >> 6000 seems like a lot until you realize we are feed twoing 50,000 people. >>reporter: tl she says they need 6000 more turkey. she thinks penal need to be reminded. the election just ended and then all of a sudden thanksgiving two weeks away. >> now the turkey can be dropped off at the food bank center and bing center in san carlos. extended the ours to
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make donating easier and information for donating to the just go to our web site and look under see it on t v. also find a if you get list of food center in your neighbor. it's not just a meal. it is a day of community building. reporting live in san jose, abc 7 news. >> surely. that thanks very much. >> up next. bay area virus hunters on a mission. >> i'm basically ready for nature to give me another curve ball. >> inside the lab researchers trying to save one step ahead of the next outbreak. >> soft drink. probably not part of the diet but it might be but new cola will slim you down. shoppers fighting fashion treasure without heading to the mall. >> all of that and later on "nightline". >> come up next on "nightline". the shocking new details in
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the sex scandal brought down the head of the cia. high profile mistress the fbi investigation that unraveled it all, we have t more. new book blowing the lid off the secret life of michael jackson. next on night license. on night license. >> 7 news at 11:00 continues
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>> bay area laboratory has become the epi-center in the struggle to keep one step ahead of dangerous bugs. uc sf viral diagnostic and discovery center tracks virus ranging from the common to the deadly. >> the spike bind the cell and unable the virus to us enter cell. >>reporter: for l dr. charles chu the pickle shape object on the scins one more mysterious killer on every changing battle field. team recently helped
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identify the new virus which surfaced in the african nation of congo. he says it's relat relateed to rabies but produces symptoms similar to he boo bow bowl. >> there was a new virus from us a different family and it is actually what we call what we are dubbing the congo virus. >>reporter: the in the lab here researchers track viral outbreak from around the country and the world. in part to stay step ahead of the disease that could ultimately be heading our way. this year there has been no shortage of candidates. from new version of the virus in europe to west nile outbreak in texas to the sudden appearance of the hunt virus at yosemite. >> it's crazy but many i think that major focus of my lab is to look for emerging infectious disease and interested in outbreak emerging virus that you say can cross the species barrier and jump from animal to
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human. >>reporter: lab is epi-center in the study of virus with us new technology the lab crucials dna and reconstructs genome hoping to spot new mutation allowing virus to evolve into dangerous mutation including bird flu. >> that's really been the big would i are about virus especially this one that you can have a highly path general ick virus that you say jumps into a host species say human and then spread efficiently then can be the cause of very severe deadly pandemic. >>reporter: he says one current project could have immediate impact closer to hom home. the strain that infected patient's at yos mate trying to determine if there's been any evolution near change that would help explain why the outbreak was so tl virus lent and what is ahead is anybody's guest. >> things are so surprising that i'm basically ready for nature to give me another one. the i'm waiting for another
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curve ball. >>reporter: dr. chu team working on developing new tows diagnose lyme disease. >> critical work. >> we heard of diet soda but new pepsi drink claims it can reduce fat level in your body. pepsi special set to hit the market tomorrow in japan. it is soda infused with the same fiber found in many popular supplements sold here in the u.s, decks train. japan has a taste for unique soda. past flavor include yogurt strawberry and milk and cucumber. 7 michael is telling us that savvy shop remembers finding treasures in the last place you might think to look. it's the top trending video on 7 san francisco goodwill stores collect a lot of clothing. some of it high end fashion too. it gets sold on the goodwill web site but some get sent to special goodwill store. cashmere try
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the store on i have beening street. boutique in san anselmo called george and willow. >> target ago specific customer. 18 to 34-year-old woman who is mr. interested in the fashion look as opposed to the brand. >> we have a list of all goodwill specialty stores in the bay area on our web site. click on the 7 on your side tab the on the left. might be able to find yourself very nice and help people. >> absolutely. feeling like fvl it's cool enough throughout to pull the cashmere out. >> wool blanket. spencer has the forecast. >> cooling down for sure. overnight hours here's a look at live doppler 7 hd. clear sky around the bay area. no clouds anywhere touching tl land area but offshore massive cloud moving generally in our direction with the clouds overnight but cool f.warmer tomorrow and wednesday than
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today. we have unsettled weather maybe even some wet weather by the end of the week. chilly conditions in some spots. napa low of 39. fairfield 37. 39 at livermore and mainly low mid 40's over the remainder of the bay i can't remember. generally cool but few spots chilly. dominant feature on our area here at the moment. jet stream here and heading generally in our direction so farther our forecast animal at 7:00 a.m. tomorrow a little bit of moisture from the clouds falling to our north. could be a sprinkle or 2 might hit the northern part of our viewing area. partly cloudy to mainly sunny in the afternoon hours and these will be our high pressure in the south bay mainly upper 60's. 68 cupertino high ranging from 65 to 68 in redwood city palo alto and 70 at los altos with high of 61 in pacifica and 62 at
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half moon bay. in and around san francisco looshing for high tomorrow of 69 degrees downtown. 62 in the sun set district. 64 down south san francisco. up in the north bay. pleasant but a little cooler than average. high mainly in the mid upper 60's struggling 67 at santa rosa, decision sonoma and nap. tv 68 union city and castro valley. 69 fremont. inland east bay high mainly in the mid edging towards the inching towards the upper 60's. 67 at walnut creek and danville pleasantville. and montd ray bay relatively mild weather tomorrow. continue land we see skype at gilroy and morgan hill 71 holster and salinas. 7 day of course with along the bay high in the low 70's mid 60's on the coasts cool down a little bit
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on thursday. chance for showers thursday night and friday looks like it could be a pretty shallow day. break saturday morning. more rain develops saturday night then rain on sunday tapering off to showers on monday. tell you how to get involved with your food drive coming up on december 12th. take thing your donations for local food pwavrngs s. more information location near its you go to our web site community and we invite you to help us with your food drive. >> big award for bay area car maker. >> show you the car that just won the=รบ
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>> tesla model is the first car without a combustible engine to be named mother trend car of the year. they raved about the smooth rude cargo space and energy efficiency. gets the equivalent of 118 miles per gallon. despite electric engine motor trend says one of the quickest 4 door ever built. it will cost you.
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starts at more than 57,000 dollars. >> well today observance of veterans day gave family nasty chance to do something fun together in the east bay. walnut creek ice rink opened up. beautiful day. i caught the picture on my cell phone today of the grard grand opening. we are one of the sponsors. rink is open every day until the middle of januar january. a lot of people out there. this saturday i think they have free skating. free from 11 to opportunity. the you would have seen necessity there like this. kliching. >> holding on. >> latest on smith concussion and what he has to do now to get back on the field. plus the giants target free act to resign one deal now done that's resign one deal now done that's ne
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>> good evening. alec smith has to go through the new concussion protocol and still cleared to play but the 49ers say he was feeling a lot better today. sounds they were expecting him to be ready next monday night against chicago. smith got rocked in the second quarter on this hit by joe. just watching this makes your head hurt but he says submit started glition about sneak later on the drive. now today linebacker patrick thinks smith will be okay. >> so i saw him after the game he was walking out and asked him if he was all right he said he would be all right i know he will be. he's a tough guy. he will come back stronger sun he left. he's one of our captains and most definitely need him out there. but at sfrirs to
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make sure he's healthy and go. >>reporter: monday night football. veteran honor before the steeler chief game. actual lead in a game. because they are brutal this year. charles with touch down. chiefs up 7 nothing. late second quarter unbelievable catch by mike wallace who somehow cradle the ball between his legs never touches the ground. it's a touch down t.more at the half. ben injured right shoulder in a third quarter by just ton it could be problematic down the road. goes to over time dooel simmons picks off matt cassel thatco( led to pittsburgh field goal. won the game. tl 16-13 in over miami. of giants reportedly agreed to 3 year 18 million dollar sex with receivers. made 16 perps with
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the veteran lights out in the play understand son game of the hope to resign the free along marco scoot roo. 1 down 2 more to it fears y'all first brought a stutter step drive drive. he second half millions from jason ran like a game high twer. put back here. stanford 2 and o. 81 68. nascar has a listening tradition of drivers swapping paint but jeff gordon went way over the line in phoenix yesterday. this was ridiculou ridiculous. 4 time nascar champion and vallejo native fined 100,000 dollars for deliberately crashing into can children bonnie ton much of the season. most race pwroing
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ensues he was steer us you race hard and i get called a bleep for raising hard and called with a defendant wish. just pisses me off. i'm not yelling at you like but it's their and they should have the shame. does he have a driver's licens license. >> he looks right. they have to be careful because you are going 200 miles an hour. >> this is sufficient. yes they have taken it too far. >> that's
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